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The Best Way to Choose Thread Colors for Your Custom Logo Embroidery
You have carefully chosen the garments; you have selected the perfect garment colors; you have collected sizes and color preferences from your staff; and finally, you have submitted your apparel order. Now you have to decide on thread colors for every garment, too? Not exactly. Here at Midwest Stitch, we make your life easier by simplifying the thr...
How To Choose The Perfect Customer (or Employee) Gift
A gift is a wonderful way to show appreciation to a client for his or her loyalty, and a branded one can bolster an already thriving business relationship! So, how do you pick the right item? Here are some tips. 1) Choose Something Unsized WHY? Iteliminates the awkwardness that could result from gifting someone a garment thatis either too smal...
A Custom Solution to Meet Exceptional Apparel Needs
It is true that some corporate apparel needs are universal, but once in while, we come upon a company whose needs require extra creativity and resourcefulness to fulfill. This was the case for DS Containers in Batavia, IL. They could not find what they needed anywhere – until they came to Midwest Stitch in 2016.  Custom Apparel Needed by DS Co...
What You Need To Know About Hi-Vis Clothing
The next time you’re taking a drive, look around and notice the amount of bright clothing being worn. Perhaps the most obvious is that worn by the workers in the roadway construction zones.  But look closer and I imagine you’ll see it other places as well. Hi-Vis Fashion Hi-vis clothing is about safety, but now it's about fashion as well. Perhaps y
Need Help Getting Organized? Here's A Tested Padfolio
Custom Padfolio Custom padfolios are a classy and upscale way to stay organized and show off your company logo.  They also make great company giveaways, as they are unique, upscale, and one size fits all.  We'd like to show you our favorite custom padfolio. Personalized Zippered Padfolio It's true, there's a myriad of padfolios available with a var
We'll Help You Make the Right Garment Choice
You are a busy person and we're here to make your life easier.  When it comes to choosing the right garments to fill your need, let us do the heavy lifting.  One of our sales reps will explain how in this short video.  
What's All The Fuss About The Pocket?
There’s a fashion topic that is generating talk, at least in my circles.  It obviously is talk at work as we educate ourselves on new and trending apparel, but it has also come up among casual conversation with friends and I’ve read about it in the Wall Street Journal.   What’s all the talk about?  The disappearing chest pocket on me
Why It Doesn't Pay to Buy Cheap Clothes
Anyone who shops realizes that clothing prices can vary widely.  This is true in the retail and in the corporate world.  In our showroom, for example, we have a wide range of choices for a single garment: the polo.  It starts with what I will call a ‘basic’ polo and progresses in construction and quality, name brands and recognition
4 Reasons Non-for-Profits Need Quality Garments
If you are reading this you are likely involved in a non-for-profit organization where you come into contact with people who truly care about the same cause as you.  Together you are focused on getting the word out about your cause.  The ways to do this are endless, but no doubt you recognize the importance of spending time and money wher
The Power of Promotion and a Good Story
Everyone likes a good story. Stories can make us think and stick with us long after they are told. And old Native American proverb says, “Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” In business stories are created every day.  They may not all “live forever in
Why Wearables Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan
Opportunities to advertise your business are many and varied, ranging from traditional TV, radio, and newspaper to the Internet, direct mail, social media and more.  In this technological age, and from a marketing standpoint, does it really make sense to spend money on branded apparel for your business?  To answer this question, I ask you
Seeing is Believing: Why Proofing Is a Vital Step
Are you thinking of outfitting your staff in embroidered apparel but have some anxiety because you’ve never done it before?  Our 7-step order process, from beginning to end (and beyond), takes the pressure off you and makes it easy. (click here to see the 7-steps) One of your main concerns most likely is that the garments look good.  If t
Fabric Talk: How Is Cotton Made Non-Iron?
Cotton grows naturally as a soft, white material in curly bales on the seeds of a tall plant.  From it comes a fabric that is soft on the skin and comfortable to wear.  But when it comes to business and dress wear, where a smooth and pressed look is expected, this has presented a textile challenge: how to create a dress shirt that keeps t
Men of Fashion: What's Your Fit?
Corporate menswear is not known for frequent swings in fashion.  It does however, evolve over time.  One retail trend in the past decade that now is clearly set in the corporate world is a trimmer fit across men's apparel.   Button-up shirts, for example, are available in classic, traditional silhouettes as well as more mod
5 Reasons Promoting Your Business This Way is Superior
When it comes to spending money on promotional items, your company no doubt wants to get the most out of their hard earned money.  Although some of the quality promotional items that come to mind first may be t-shirts and caps, those ideas are not all that unique.  More important, they may not be the best use of your marketing money.
Why Digitizing Involves More Than You Think [Interview]
One of the first steps taken in the embroidery process is the digitization of a logo.  This step creates a digital file that will speak to our embroidery machines and tell them how to proceed with the embroidery.  In this age of technology some assume this process is as easy as the push of a button, although this is far from the case. &nb
What is Pique fabric? (And How do you Pronounce It?)
What is Pique Fabric? Whether you realize it or not, you are most likely familiar with pique fabric. Put simply, pique is a knit-construction fabric characterized by a geometric pattern texture which is created by raised cords. If that's too technical for you, notice the pictures in this article. Take a close look at the blue fabric pattern surroun
Warning: You're Missing Out by Not Using Tonal Embroidery
One of the greatest compliments we receive from our customers is when they give us the freedom to adjust the colors of their logo in order to complement the apparel.  This request implies a trust that we will create a logo scheme that enhances their garments and will not produce an embroidery that clashes with the garment.  It is a great
Behind the Scenes Look at our Embroidery Shop
Everyone likes to get a behind-the-scene look and we thought you might like to see some basic pictures of what goes on in our embroidery shop on a typical day. Here you'll see a stack of sweatshirts marked with chalk.  Each garment is measured and marked to ensure straight embroidery in the correct location.     Next,
What You May Not Know About Performance Wear
Performance wear used to be almost exclusive to the field of athletics, but today it has become popular for everyday wear and can be found from the board room to the tennis court.  So, you may be asking: What makes a fabric worthy of the word 'performance'?  Whereas the designation 'performance wear' can have a broad application, the feat