3 Ways to Make Your Apparel Fresh

tone-on-tone embroidery on four different colored shirts

You don’t have to look far to find companies who have recently gone through a re-branding process, perhaps redesigning their logo to give themselves a new look and hopefully stand out from their competition. We’re here to tell you a similar effect can be achieved for your company apparel with a lot less work. How can you create a new spin on a logo you’ve had for years? Here are three ways.

1.  Location, Location, Location

Whereas embroidering company logos on the left chest is still the standard in the corporate world, switching up the location a bit will catch people’s attention. For example, The North Face clothing brand has been doing this for years. In addition to their left chest logo, their company name is proudly branded on the back right shoulder of their jackets. People notice their brand whether they see the wearer from the front or the back.

You’ll notice other brands doing the same with their apparel such as Adidas or Oakley. Just watch any golf tournament and pay attention to the varied logo placement on the player’s shirts.

Why not try this for your company apparel? Some great location choices are shoulder, back yoke, or sleeve embroidery.

2. Tone-on-Tone Embroidery

This tonal embroidery method is more subtle than in-your-face, and it produces very striking results that people will remember. It involves using thread in the same color family as the garment, slightly lighter or darker. If your logo is customarily multi-color, this method will render your logo all in one color giving it a different look. The best way to understand how sharp this method can be is to see some pictures. Take a look at these examples.

The next two examples combine both methods discussed so far.  Notice not only the tone-on-tone embroidery, but the shoulder and sleeve placements.

3. Color Adjustment

Do you always embroider your logo in the same colors? Without sacrificing the integrity of your logo, try switching up your logo colors to coordinate with the garment. The difference will be noticeable both to you and people who see you! For example, Century 21 is clearly known for their black and gold logo.  But when embroidered on a multi-colored striped shirt, or a solid grey fabric, notice how enhanced the logo appears by adjusting the colors to coordinate with the garment.

If you want your garments to look REALLY fresh, try a combination of these three suggestions. Not sure which methods might work best with your logo? Stop into our showroom and ask any of our experienced sales people for suggestions. Or send us an email with your thoughts. We’d be happy to help you create a fresh look with your current logo!