How To Choose The Perfect Customer (or Employee) Gift

A gift is a wonderful way to show appreciation to a client for his or her loyalty, and a branded one can bolster an already thriving business relationship! So, how do you pick the right item? Here are some tips.

1) Choose Something Unsized

WHY?  It eliminates the awkwardness that could result from gifting someone a garment that is either too small or fits like a tent.

SUGGESTION: A reusable tote, a lunch bag, or a fleece headband

2) Choose Something that Fills a Business Need

WHY? Everyone loves a gift that shows the giver had them in mind. Providing a solution to a specific need your customer or employee has will leave a lasting impression of expertise and dependability. This is your opportunity to give your customer something that carries practical value while also being a great canvas to display your company logo.

SUGGESTION: A functional tool bag or a sophisticated messenger bag to carry a laptop or tablet

3) Choose Something Relevant or Fun

WHY? It communicates that you understand the recipient has a life outside of work – your customer or employee will appreciate this! This may improve your business relationship and reinforce customer loyalty.

SUGGESTION: A seasonal item, like a funky stocking cap with a pom; a comfy blanket, perfect for picnics or keeping warm at a football game; or the ever-popular golf towel

4) Go For a Classic: A Ball Cap

WHY? An embroidered ball cap is the perfect way to put your company logo out in the world to be seen and it is a popular item to keep on-hand for customer giveaways.

Just think of all the places your customer might wear a cap with your logo: working in the yard, running errands on the weekend, a cook-out with friends, or on the job. Each of these scenarios is an opportunity for your branded cap to do some great advertising. According to a recent study, people keep promotional headwear for an average of 10 months!*

With over 25 years of experience, we are happy to make recommendations for customer and employee gifts! What kind of gift would you like to give next?