A Custom Solution to Meet Exceptional Apparel Needs

It is true that some corporate apparel needs are universal, but once in while, we come upon a company whose needs require extra creativity and resourcefulness to fulfill. This was the case for DS Containers in Batavia, IL. They could not find what they needed anywhere – until they came to Midwest Stitch in 2016.

Custom Apparel Needed by DS Containers

DS Containers specializes in making two-piece polymer-coated steel aerosol cans and one-piece drawn and ironed aluminum aerosol cans. They have two locations in Illinois: one in Batavia and one in West Chicago, with around 200 employees total. That is a sizable operation to outfit!

Kyle Griffeth, a sales representative here at Midwest Stitch, met with DS Containers several times to learn what they needed from their apparel, both in form and function. After these initial consultations, it was decided. They needed a unique garment that would:

  1. Provide enhanced visibility but not show dirt.
  2. Enhance security and prevent unauthorized entry to the facility.
  3. Be comfortable and lightweight since the plant is uncomfortably warm, even in the most frigid of Chicago winters.

Kyle had the opportunity to fully understand what DS Containers needed from their apparel when he was invited to tour the facility. He said, “As I toured the place, it was warm and very uncomfortable after a few minutes. I also understood why an unauthorized person would be a real concern… No human being ever touches the product from start to finish…If a person touches any of the product at any point during production, then it is discarded. Obviously, there would be huge potential for an intruder to do some real harm by means of contamination.”

As I toured the place, it was warm and very uncomfortable after a few minutes. I also understood why an unauthorized person would be a real concern…

Kyle Griffeth

Searching for the Perfect Garment

So, the search for the perfect garment began. DS Containers’ preference was a lightweight, black tee shirt with safety green accents. We were sure our search would produce several excellent options for DS Containers. Much to our surprise, we discovered that none of our vendors made a black tee shirt with safety green accents in a lightweight fabric. This is where the dilemma grew. DS Containers could not compromise on their three apparel needs!

Of course, Kyle did not give up. After much searching, he connected with a vendor who would customize a garment to our exact specifications. We were able to dictate the type of fabric, color, and construction of the garment. This allowed us to work together with DS Containers to build a custom solution from scratch.

Customized Solution for DS Containers

We designed several samples for DS Containers so they could see and feel the garment in their own hands. This helped them to confidently decide which design they liked the most and that best fit their needs.

The winner? A lightweight, black tee with safety green mesh insets at the sides. This tee proves comfortable in high temperatures and holds up well to dirt without looking dirty.

How does this garment enhance security measures? DS Containers employees are the only people on the planet to have this exact shirt. This makes spotting a visitor or an unauthorized person very easy!

When the tees arrived at our shop, our production team got to work. First, they tackled the task of embroidering each of the 1,200 tees. Then the garments were individually inspected, finished, folded, and packaged by person. After the order was organized and completed, Kyle personally delivered it to DS Containers. (Click here to read more about what happens in our shop)

Solving Apparel Overwhelm

DS Containers’ garment success story is one of our favorites. It was a unique opportunity to think creatively and develop a custom solution that fit each of the needs of our customer.

At its core, the mission of the Midwest Stitch team is to solve our customer’s apparel problems and make their apparel program a success. You may feel totally overwhelmed by the thought of finding apparel for your company, and that is understandable.

Many are apprehensive about taking on this kind of project. But when you come to Midwest Stitch, we are the ones who take on the project!

We will help you every step of the way: picking the garments, choosing the best way to compile and place your order, ensuring the embroidery looks perfect, and even helping you to distribute the apparel to your staff efficiently.

Bring us your problems, we’re here to help.