The Best Way to Choose Thread Colors for Your Custom Logo Embroidery

You have carefully chosen the garments; you have selected the perfect garment colors; you have collected sizes and color preferences from your staff; and finally, you have submitted your apparel order. Now you have to decide on thread colors for every garment, too? Not exactly. Here at Midwest Stitch, we make your life easier by simplifying the thread color selection process.

When Your Logo Colors Must Be Exact

Some corporations mandate that their logo be reproduced using only their signature colors. No problem! At Midwest Stitch, we are adept at selecting garments in colors that complement and enhance your logo.

Our apparel consultants are also highly skilled at color matching and will even special-order thread to ensure we achieve the best results. You can be confident that once you approve the embroidery and thread colors, your company logo will be reproduced exactly to your specifications!

When You Want Your Embroidery to be Subtle

Tonal embroidery involves using thread colors that are in the same color family as the garment being embroidered. This results in an understated, yet sharp, presentation of any logo.

Our sales team has an excellent eye for color coordination. You can depend on your consultant to choose thread colors that produce a tasteful rendition of your logo that blends harmoniously with your chosen garment. (Click here for more information on tonal embroidery!)

When You Want Your Logo to Match the Accent Colors of the Garment

This eye-catching look is a striking way to feature your company logo. But precision is needed to execute this trend properly. As one of our most popular color requests, our sales reps have developed the expertise to ensure you get the best accent color coordination.

When Your Employees’ Garment Choices Are Colorful

Giving your staff the freedom to choose garments that express their individual taste and personality is a great way to boost office morale! Sometimes this freedom results in an order including every color of the rainbow.

In this situation, your consultant will ask you some key questions:

  • Do you prefer tonal embroidery?
  • On brightly colored garments, do you want the logo to be simple or flashy?
  • Would you like the embroidery to match the accent colors of the garment?
  • Do you prefer all light garments receive dark thread colors and all dark garments receive light thread colors?

Questions like these allow your sales representative to understand your general preferences so that he can go through each individual garment in your order and make the best color selection.

This type of consultation, founded in years of experience with color coordination and thread color selection, makes us confident that the finished product will be pleasing to the eye and enhance your company’s image – all while making the process easy for you!

So, when should you trust your sales rep with your embroidery colors? Every time you place an order with us. At Midwest Stitch, embroidery is our specialty, so we ensure your logo looks like a work of art on every garment that leaves our shop!