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Men of Fashion: What's Your Fit?

Men of Fashion: What's Your Fit?

Corporate menswear is not known for frequent swings in fashion.  It does however, evolve over time.  One retail trend in the past decade that now is clearly set in the corporate world is a trimmer fit across men's apparel.  

Button-up shirts, for example, are available in classic, traditional silhouettes as well as more modern, trimmer fits.  Some of the common descriptors of these slightly fitted shirts are words such as fitted, active, modern, or slim. 

I read an article from the Wall Street Journal that explains how exactly (and how slowly) this style moved from the fashion runway to its current ubiquitous state.  The article also explores a possible shift back to looser styles in the years ahead.  It's an interesting read and I've included a link to it here for your enjoyment.


In the meantime, it seems a trimmer fit in men's clothing is here to stay.  We can see it reflected in the popular dress shirts displayed in our showroom.  A modern fit button-up shirt will be just slightly fitted, typically with an open collar.  There are versions with and without pockets.  These shirts have an appeal spanning all age groups.

Still trying to decide what fit you prefer?  Let us guide you through your next apparel project.

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