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Midwest Stitcher's Favorite: The Perfect Layering Piece

I am a lover of cotton.  No doubt about it.  Sure, I wear garments made of other fibers, especially being in the apparel industry.  But my favorites always have some cotton fibers.  That is until I tried this Ladies Tech Jacket.  Seriously – I tell you about my love of cotton so that you believe me as I rave about this 100% polyester jacket.

Where do I even begin to describe this jacket?  Well, since I’m also a lover of gadgets, I think I’ll start with its abundant features.  For example, this ladies version has thumbholes, which besides being cool, make it a perfect layering piece.  You won’t have that annoying sleeve bunched up to your elbow when you layer it under a heavier jacket or outer shell. b2ap3_thumbnail_L248_PinkRaspberry_Model_Front_111511.jpg

Then there is the hood with toggles.  This makes the hood fully functional, meaning it can be tightened so it actually stays on when you need it.

There is also a neat little zip pocket on the left sleeve.  I have to admit I found this more fashionable than functional, but if I wanted, I could have easily kept some lip balm or a couple tissues in that pocket.

Now that I’ve wooed you with the features, I should probably talk about the amazing fabric.  As I mentioned, it’s made of a performance polyester fabric with a bit of stretch.  The exterior is smooth and will shed things you want it too like light water or pet hair.  The interior of the fabric is brushed giving it a cozy, warm feel.  It is lightweight, but considerably warm for its weight.  This is most likely because there is a measure of wind-resistance to the fabric as well. 

The past two years this jacket has been an instrumental layering piece during my trips to Yellowstone National Park.  A main focus of my Fall-time trip is wildlife watching, and this involves being up early when it’s cold and being out in all kinds of weather including rain, wind, and sun.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s a perfect mid-layer under a heavier jacket when it’s cold, and a great outer layer as the day warms up.


I should mention, there is also a men’s version of this garment which comes as a ¼ Zip pullover with a cadet collar.  Sorry guys – no hood and no thumbholes.  In spite of the difference in features, both the men’s and ladies’ versions of this garment are favorites of many of our customers.  Let us know if you want to see the Ladies’ Tech Fleece Jacket or the Men’s Tech Fleece Pullover for yourself.


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