Online Company Stores – Streamlining Company Apparel

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How can you simplify the process of ordering custom apparel for your business?

With the help of an online company store customized by the experts at Midwest Stitch.

  • Does your company need a convenient way to encourage brand recognition?
  • Are you looking for a simple method to inspire company pride among employees?
  • Could your team use a fun approach to boost morale?

If so, an online company store could be just what your business needs!

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What is an online company store?

It is a customized website that makes ordering company-branded apparel as easy as online shopping. An online company store may also be called a company merchandise store, or company swag store.

An online company store features only the garments or items you want to make available to your employees.

Many businesses benefit from this service because it simplifies their garment ordering process. There are many applications for an online company store. Here are just a few:

  • Employee uniforms: Empower your crew to restock their uniforms as needed.
  • New season, new work clothes: Ensure your team keeps up with the changing seasons. Make the essentials available on your online company store.
  • Give gifts: Allow your employees to choose their own SWAG. Predetermine a selection of custom branded items and garments. It’s a great way to guarantee each of your team members loves their gifts.
  • Mark milestones & celebrate successes: Commemorate your team’s accomplishments! An online company store is the perfect way to ensure the gift is right for the recipient.

How do you set up a company store for employees?

  1. Select the garments you want to make available to your team. Include items like caps, beanies or bags!
  2. Determine the logo embroidery for each style. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands with our experts. They’re ready with suggestions to make sure your logo looks great on each piece available.
  3. Consider what details to display. This may include whether or not to display pricing or if you want to include instructions for your employees.
  4. Sit back and relax! The folks at Midwest Stitch take it from here. Once we finalize the details with you, we customize your store accordingly.
  5. Invite your employees to shop at your new company store.

What are the benefits of an online company store?

The biggest benefits of an online store for employees are that it:

  • Saves time
  • Promotes company pride and recognition
  • Give employees personal choice
  • Helps with budgeting

How so? It eliminates the time needed to gather and compile clothing orders. Streamlining the ordering process frees you to focus on other areas of your business.

Stores for employees also promote brand pride and recognition by making access to company branded apparel easy.

The impact that easy access to company branded apparel can have on morale and sense of community in the workplace is remarkable.

Rey Martinez-Nunez, Human Resources Business Partner at J&M Plating, talks about the simplicity of utilizing an online company store through Midwest Stitch. He says,

“The simple interface and transparency of the prices have helped us continue providing our employees with items that make them feel like part of our family. We love the simplicity of the process and the number of available items.”

How does J&M Plating promote their company store and what has been the effect? Rey continues,

“We continue sponsoring the use of the site with a company-wide link for easy access, which has helped people provide articles for their loved ones.  J&M Plating is a family of families, and we are proud of having such a resource to build relationships with our people.”

Having an online store also helps with budgeting. Many companies give each employee a set amount to spend, and an online store allows them to spend it the way they want, and within the set budget.

Here at Midwest Stitch, we understand how valuable your time is and how complex running a business is. We want our customers to succeed. This is one of the reasons we provide customized company stores. It helps our customers successfully meet their business needs while elevating their brand.

Our sales team and customer service department have significant experience with merchandise stores. You can be confident in our ability to build and maintain your custom online company store.

Ask your Midwest Stitch sales representative if a customizable online company store would be a good fit for your business.