Seeing is Believing: Why Proofing is a Vital Step

Are you thinking of outfitting your staff in embroidered apparel but have some anxiety because you’ve never done it before?  Our order process, from beginning to end (and beyond), takes the pressure off you and makes it easy.

One of your main concerns most likely is that the garments look good.  If they don’t come out looking good, that will reflect poorly on your company brand.  We want you to look good and that’s why the first two steps of Consultation and Digitizing/Proofing your logo are so important.

We always test the embroidery of a new logo on a swatch piece of fabric before embroidering any garments.  Although digitizing may have been done flawlessly and everything looks good on the computer screen, there are variables that can’t be wholly determined until the logo is actually sewed out in thread on fabric.  We will chose a fabric color similar to the apparel you ordered so the visual proof is as accurate as possible. 

You then have a chance to preview the embroidery and make sure it’s exactly how you desire.  This allows time to make adjustments as necessary before embroidering the garments you purchase.

We have found this step results in many happy customers.  Please let us know if you’d like to start the easy order process.