Warning: You’re Missing Out by Not Using Tonal Embroidery

One of the greatest compliments we receive from our customers is when they give us the freedom to adjust the colors of their logo in order to complement the apparel.  This request implies a trust that we will create a logo scheme that enhances their garments and will not produce an embroidery that clashes with the garment.  It is a great honor to have the trust of our customers in this way, and one that we do not take lightly.
This opens the way for tonal embroidery.  Put simply, this method involves using a thread color in the same family as the garment.  Notice the example of Image Signs in the picture.  Their logo is normally blue and white as seen on the gray and black polos.  But notice how striking the tonal logos look on the green and red polos.  People may not notice when a garment is not matched with your logo, but they will SWOON over a garment that complements your logo well.
The same thing can be done with caps.  In the picture below the green cap is a great example of tonal embroidery, whereas the gray and red cap shows how a logo really pops by matching accent colors.
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