You’re Missing Out by Not Using Tone-on-Tone Embroidery

Midwest Stitch logo embroidered tonally on should of polo shirt

What is tone-on-tone embroidery?

Tone-on-tone embroidery refers to the use of thread colors that are in the same color family as the garment being embroidered. This type of color coordination creates a subtle and classic look for any company logo.

tone-on-tone embroidery on four different colored shirts
tone-on-tone business logo embroidered on a red shirt
tonal embroidery on shoulder

When should you choose tone-on-tone embroidery?

Anytime! It’s a great look for most logos and garments, but there are some instances when tonal embroidery fits a specific need. For example, tone-on-tone embroidery is a good option when the garment being embroidered is a very bright color and the customer doesn’t want even more contrast from the logo. In that case, tone-on-tone embroidery provides a subtle result that allows the garment to be in the spotlight.

Some of our customers give their staff the freedom to choose garments in a variety of colors. This is a great way to let your employees express their taste and personality. However, it can be a difficult task to hand-pick the embroidery colors for a wide range of hues.

Tone-on-tone embroidery is a great solution for this predicament! Simply let your sales rep pick the thread colors that match the tone of each garment. You can be confident that they will pick the perfect colors to ensure your company logo blends harmoniously with each garment.

Tone-on-tone embroidery is also an elegant solution for garments that have bold patterns or textures. Picking thread colors based on the colors in the pattern ensures that the logo won’t clash with the garment and results in a cohesive look.

Should you use tone-on-tone embroidery for your next order?

Let your Midwest Stitch sales consultant know you’d like to explore tone-on-tone embroidery for your next order. Ask about our proofing options, too.

Our staff has years of experience with color coordination and thread color selection. That’s why we’re confident that when you come to Midwest Stitch, the finished product will look amazing and enhance your company’s image. Bring us your problems, we’re here to help.

tone-on-tone embroidery on two different colored hats