What Are Performance Shirts?

Performance wear is no longer just for the field of athletics. Popular for everyday, performance garments can be found everywhere, from the boardroom to the tennis court.

What are Performance Shirts?

Simply put, performance shirts are designed for performance. They accommodate freedom of movement and keep the wearer dry and cool.

Performance shirts are constructed to be durable. They resist pilling from repetitive motions from the activity of the wearer or repeated washing and drying. They also feature some of the following properties:

  • moisture wicking
  • antimicrobial
  • anti-fade
  • anti-wrinkle
  • anti-pill
  • anti-shrink
  • UV protection

We can’t talk about performance apparel without discussing polyester. After all, it’s one of the most common fibers used to make performance fabric.

woman and man wearing performance dress shirts

You may think, “Isn’t polyester coarse, stiff, heavy, and hot?” There was a time when that’s exactly what polyester garments were like.

However, these days, polyester is manufactured with customizable qualities and dimensions. That means those undesirable qualities just mentioned are avoidable. Some polyester fabric even feels like cotton to the touch.

Polyester is also inherently wicking. How does wicking help you feel cooler? The fabric moves moisture away from the body to the garment’s surface, where it can evaporate. This process keeps the wearer drier and feeling cool.

Polyester is also a strong fiber that resists shrinking and wrinkles. This durability means polyester garments hold up extremely well to repeated washing and wearing.

You can see why polyester is a great choice for performance garments like golf shirts, dress shirts, and tees.

Read about the differences between polyester and cotton and how to choose the right fabric.

folded performance polo with embroidered logos on the left chest and right short sleeve
folded neon pink performance t-shirt with embroidered logo on left chest

Who Benefits From Performance Clothing?

Some jobs call for performance clothing because of their physical demands or exposure to summer heat. Workers in fields like construction, landscaping, and manufacturing often prefer performance garments.

Some performance fabrics are even knit in a way that makes it almost impossible to snag. These are a favorite among factory workers and landscaping professionals. There’s no doubt about it: performance garments are the right choice for high-demand jobs.

Is Performance Wear Good for Summer?

Performance should be a staple of everyday workwear – especially in spring and summer!

One very popular garment is the performance polo. They’re stylish, comfortable, and professional. Their clean, sharp look makes a great canvas for your company logo. Plus, their performance qualities will keep you and your team feeling cool all summer.

Performance dress shirts are another great summer option for professionals. Button-down dress shirts no longer have to be stiff and easily wrinkled.

Performance dress shirts offer slight stretch, moisture wicking and wrinkle resistance. Crisp and professional performance dress shirts are sure to elevate your company brand. They will also help you and your team stay polished and comfortable through the spring and summer.

A Great Option for Your Employees

Everyone from office professionals to essential workers wants their work apparel to help them stay cool and maintain a dignified appearance. Available in a wide variety of styles and brands, performance wear is a great choice for most businesses.

Your work clothes should work for you. No apparel works harder than performance wear! Contact your Midwest Stitch sales representative to learn more about our wide range of performance wear.