What is Pique fabric? (And How do you Pronounce It?)

What is Pique Fabric?

Whether you realize it or not, you are most likely familiar with pique fabric. Put simply, pique is a knit-construction fabric characterized by a geometric pattern texture which is created by raised cords. If that’s too technical for you, notice the pictures in this article. Take a close look at the blue fabric pattern surrounding the Gensler Garden’s logo. You’ll notice this fabric looks a bit like honeycomb when viewed up close. You’ll see polos constructed with this type of fabric everywhere.  Check out the video on this page to learn more.

How Do You Pronounce Pique?

Pique is pronounced (pee-kay) when in reference to fabric. Although spelled the same, the pronunciation is different from “pique” as in this sentence: he made remarks to pique their curiosity.

Why is Pique Fabric so Popular?

Pique fabrics add subtle interest and texture to a garment and are typically easy to care for. The waffle-like construction also breathes well. Since it is simply a form of fabric construction, pique garments are found in a variety of fiber contents, including polyester, cotton, and blended fabrics.

Types of Pique Fabric

Although pique knits in general are considered durable, the fibers used and tightness of the construction contribute to the extent of durability. Tighter knit construction causes fabric holes to be smaller than traditional pique, and may be called baby pique or micropique. This construction can add features such as snag resistance to a garment. Polyester fibers, being highly resistant to fading and shrinking, are being used more in pique polos.

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