What’s All The Fuss About The Pocket?

There’s a fashion topic that is generating talk, at least in my circles.  It obviously is talk at work as we educate ourselves on new and trending apparel, but it has also come up among casual conversation with friends and I’ve read about it in the Wall Street Journal.   What’s all the talk about?  The disappearing chest pocket on men’s shirts.

If you haven’t noticed this trend yet, you will after today.  The Wall Street Journal, in an article titled “What Happened to the Shirt Pocket?” states, “there are no pockets on many of the woven shirts at retailers such as J. Crew and Banana Republic, along with a host of high-end designer labels and custom-made shirts. It’s fashion and it’s generational.” (Read the entire article here)

As the fit of men’s dress shirts move to a more tailored look, the loss of the pocket aids in a cleaner, slimmer appearance.  And perhaps in this age of the smartphone, fewer men are carrying pens in that chest pocket.  Or are they?

The removal of the pocket generates interesting feedback.  Whereas I have been asked specifically by clients for a men’s dress shirt without a pocket, I have also had plenty of men insist on the chest pocket.  To them, a shirt without a pocket is a blouse.  All a matter of opinion.

Taking that into consideration, Genna Katz, a designer at Nicholas Joseph custom tailor located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, says that she asks her “clients if they use the pocket for utility purposes.  Some clients put their pens, glasses, etc. in the pocket. So if they use it, I say keep it on. If they don’t use it, take it off.”  Makes sense.  She adds, “My personal preference it is that it looks cleaner without a pocket.”

Whatever your preference, there’s a dress shirt out there that’s right for you and your company image and we can help you find it.