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Why The Color and Shape of Your Logo Matters [Infographic]

Does your company logo portray the best representation of your brand?  According to this brief article and infographic of compiled statistics, elements such as the shape, color and even font of your logo can say a lot.  Possibly more than you think.  

For example, did you know that:

  • 93% of purchasing judgements are made on visual perceptions.  
  • 84.7% of consumers cite color as their main reason for buying a particular product.  

We have noticed a practical demonstration of this in the showroom here at Midwest Stitch.  If we display a garment in a color that many perceive as undesirable, we will have a hard time selling that garment, even though we show them the other colors in which it can be purchased.  Their initial, and sometimes final, judgement of the garment is determined by the color we've shown it to them.

Think this type of response also applies to your company logo?  Find these interesting statistics and more in this brief article and infographic from Entrepreneur. 

Link to Article: What The Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company 


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