Custom Embroidered Dress Shirts

Patterned Business Shirts

Achieving a professional look is easy when wearing a custom, embroidered dress shirt.  You'll make a lasting first impression when your company logo is embroidered on a stylish business shirt.

Finding the Perfect Business Shirt

Picking out a dress shirt for yourself or your staff may sound simple.  But many people become overwhelmed when they start looking through the options of fabrics, styles & patterns.  That's why you come to us. 

Tell us a bit about you or your team and what job or activity they perform in the clothing.  Any personal preferences you have from the start are also good to share.  We are familiar with the wide variety of fabrics, fits, and styles and will guide you in the right direction. 

We have samples of most product in our showroom where we can show you in person, or describe from personal experience.  We save you the hassle of ordering online where you don't know what you get until it arrives.  We still have an online catalog where you can do some browsing for yourself first.  Feel free to visit our catalog page.

Many garments have performance qualities that our customers appreciate, such as wrinkle resistance and stain resistance.  Some high-end dress shirts are made of soft 100% cotton fabric that's treated to make it 'non-iron'.

Business shirts also come in a variety of women's styles such as those with open collars and a range of sleeve lengths.  If you're looking for a coordinated look across a team of people, this often can be achieved with a range of styles.

Having your company logo embroidered on the left chest of business shirts is most common.  However, other placements such as sleeve, cuff or even collar embroidery may be a good fit for your logo or a secondary embroidery.

Ladies Business Shirts

Get Started with Embroidered Dress Shirts

As your garment consultant, we make starting your project easy.  Contact us by clicking the button below.  In the email it would be good to include details such as:

  1. Business Name
  2. Type of shirt desired (such as fabric, men’s or ladies’, etc.)
  3. Logo you would like embroidered
  4. General quantity and sizes
  5. Best Way to reach you


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We look forward to hearing from you about your company shirts.

Folded Business Shirts

Business shirts are available in a variety of fabrics and colors

Ladies Short Sleeve Business Shirt

Ladies styles and fits are available in a range of sleeve lengths