Custom Embroidered Jackets

Custom embroidered jackets make it possible to sport your logo even during cold or transitional weather.

We specialize in creating personalized jackets with your company logo. There's a wide variety of jacket choices: everything from windbreakers, to soft shells, to rugged canvas work coats.

Closeup of Embroidery on Puff Jackets

How to Choose a Custom Logo Jacket

When choosing the right jacket, you'll want to think about when and where it will be worn, what colors are important, and who will be wearing it.

Our staff will help you find a jacket that fits your style, business and audience. We can help you navigate the sea of options.

For starters, here are a few of our favorite jacket types:

Performance, warm-up type jackets come in both sporty and business styles. This makes them ideal not only for the athlete or coach, but also the office professional.

Fleece jackets are classics that are requested by many. Some prefer the thinner microfleece fabric which is lightweight, soft and provides warmth without bulk.

Soft shell jackets are one of the most popular and versatile styles. This style consists of an outer shell bonded to a thin fleece or knit layer. The end result is a breathable, flexible, and water resistant jacket. It can be worn alone or serve as a layering piece beneath a heavier jacket.

Canvas work jackets hold up to the heavy use of outdoor work. Both functional and fashionable, these work jackets come in a variety of styles and colors. One of our favorite quality brands of work coats is Dri Duck. Check out the Dri Duck online catalog here.

Winter jackets help keep out the cold while maintaining a stylish look. We'll help you find an option that fits your company colors.

Want to do some looking by yourself? Check out our online catalog of apparel.

Jacket Embroidery Options

Jackets are usually larger size and often made of sturdier material than shirts. This makes jackets a great canvas for creative embroidered displays of your company brand.

For example, some jackets backs are ideal for a full back embroidery design. This large embroidered surface is highly visible when worn and portrays a bold and brilliant image of your company logo or brand.

Other common embroidery locations include the left and right chest, bicep and back shoulder. Our helpful staff will work with you to create a truly custom piece you'll be proud to wear.

Get Your Jackets Started Today

Striped Performance Jackets

As your jacket consultant, we'll make it easy to start your project.  Contact us by clicking the button below.  In the email it would be good to include details such as:


  1. Business Name
  2. Type of jacket desired (if you know)
  3. Logo you would like embroidered
  4. General quantity and sizes
  5. Best Way to reach you


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We look forward to working with you on custom embroidered jackets.

Two tone canvas hooded jacket

Canvas work coats can be functional and fashionable.

Two Eddie Bauer sweater jackets

We carry jacket brands such as Eddie Bauer, Columbia, Dri Duck, Nike, Ogio and more.

Blue and black winter hooded jacket

Winter jackets are available in a variety of colors to fit your brand.

full back embroidery of semi truck

Full back embroidery is a classy choice for winter jackets.

close up of embroideredsemi truck

Close-up of full back embroidery.